Tim Horton’s Cleaning the Capital

Beginning on September 17, students will be participating in the Tim Horton’s Cleaning the Capital in order to keep our yard clean. Please check the schedule with your child’s teacher as parents are welcome to come and help out.

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Student Safety

In order to help keep our students safe, please be sure to follow our Kiss n Ride procedures and adhere to parking regulations as noted on street signs. Our school resource officer will be helping us enforce proper safety procedures and bylaw officers do ticket vehicles. We appreciate your cooperation as we all work together to keep our students safe.

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Meet the Teacher

Please join us this Thursday, September 11th between 4 and 6 pm for our Meet the Teacher night. School Council will have Domino’s Pizza for sale during this time. Pizza slices will be $2.50 and drinks will be $1.00. There will be individual and family specials available too.

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School Council 2014-2015

Events and Highlights of School Council 2013-2014

  • School Council Events:  Movie Nights; Domino’s Family Pizza Nights, Family & Friendship Dance, 7th Annual Mayfair Carnaval
  • Lunch Programs – Pizza and the Lunch Lady Program
  • Providing funds for cultural events (Tim Yearington Storytelling, Snow White, Capoeira dancing for the juniors and hip hop for the kinders and primary); Playground Improvement Project starting with the Kindergarten Yard; purchase of books for the library, recorders for the music program, supplies for school clubs, gym equipment, etc.
  • Sale of Spirit Wear
  • Donation to Crystal Bay, Red Cross
  • Providing refreshments at Meet the Teacher Night, Kindergarten Information Night, Vernissage
  • And much, much more…

School Council – First meeting and Annual General Meeting, Wednesday, September 17 (6:45-8:45)

Our first meeting will take place on Wednesday, September 17 in the School Library from 6:45 – 8:45.  At our first meeting we will have a quick review of activities from the past year and our elections will take place for the executive positions on School Council.  Self-nomination forms will be available at the office and electronically.  A quick description of the positions are available on the back of this newsletter.

All parents of children attending Farley Mowat Public School have a voice and are eligible to run for the executive positions.  Many events that take place at the school cannot happen/do not happen without School Council (parents) volunteering their time and energy.  We need your help to have another successful and fun year for our kids!

Mailing List and Staying in Touch with School Council

School Council is very pleased with the implementation of the mailing list that we are maintaining.  We would like to continue to communicate with parents through e-mails.  However, the school is not able to share your e-mail address with us so we are asking that you provide us with your e-mail address to add to our mailing list.  We will then send you newsletters, reminders and updates about events happening at the school as well as agendas, minutes, etc. of our monthly parent council meetings.  It is a great way to stay informed about the happenings at Farley Mowat Public School.

We also have our own website http://fmpsschoolcouncil.wordpress.com/ which we try to keep updated throughout the year.  You can also contact us through our e-mail:  fmps.schoolcouncil@gmail.com.


Elected School Council Positions

Elected School Council Members must attend monthly meetings to vote on various School Council initiatives.  The meetings take place in the School library on the 3rd Wednesday of every month in the evening.


Chair & Vice Chair – heads of School Council; set agenda and run meetings; primary contact for School Council and liaison between the parents and school administration

Treasurer – prepare financial reports and responsible for financial matters

Secretary – take minutes at Monthly meetings and send out minutes of meetings; maintains e-mail database

Community Representative – member of the general community who is not a parent or staff member of the OCDSB

Fundraising Co-Ordinator – organize and manage movie nights and family fun nights

Lunch Co-Ordinator – organize the weekly pizza program (currently Wednesdays during the day)

Volunteer Co-Ordinator – organizes volunteers for various school council events and maintains a volunteer database

Communications Liaison – prepares monthly newsletters and posts relevant material on the school council website

OCASC Representative – attends monthly OCASC meetings and reports back to School Council

Members At Large (3 positions) – attend monthly meetings and supports School Council initiatives

For a more detailed list of tasks and responsibilities, please consult the School Council Constitution.   Self-nomination forms will be available in the office, electronically (http://farleymowatps.wordpress.com/school-council/) and at the first meeting.


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Student Accident Insurance

Creating a caring and safe environment for our students is our top priority. Unfortunately, despite all reasonable precautions being taken, accidents can still happen. Some injuries may result in medical, dental or other expenses that are not covered by provincial health care or employer group plans. As a parent/guardian, you become responsible for these expenses.

Student accident insurance is available for purchase, on a voluntary basis, through Reliable Life Insurance Company. Forms can either be picked up from the school office or downloaded at www.binks.ca, or you may apply online at www.insuremykids.com.

The OCDSB encourages all parents/guardians to consider purchasing this insurance. If your child is involved in school related sports activities or is participating in any field trips out of the province you may wish to seriously consider the coverage options, which range from $13.00/year to $31.00/year. This coverage is for the entire calendar year and also applies outside of school hours. If you have any questions, please call Binks Insurance Brokers directly at 613-226-1350.

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First Day Organization

Tuesday, September 2 is the first day of classes for students in Grades 1 to 6. On that morning as of 8:15, weather permitting, class lists indicating your child’s placement will be posted on the wall at the back of the school. Junior classes will meet near the portables while primary classes will meet near the soccer field. Teachers will be organized with a sign indicating their class. Parents are welcome to help their child find their teacher.

Should the weather be inclement, we will post the class lists outside the library for Junior classes while junior teachers will meet students inside the library. Primary class lists will be posted outside the gymnasium while primary teachers will welcome their classes inside the gym.

Have a wonderful Labour Day weekend and see everyone Tuesday morning!

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Welcome Back!

Hard to believe another summer is ending! The Main Office is now open from 8 am to 4 pm and the first day of classes for grades 1 to 6 students is next Tuesday, September 2. Have a wonderful last week of summer break!

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